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Wellness Nico Bolzico: Health Tips And How To Workout (Even On Days That You Don't Feel Like It)

Nico Bolzico: Health Tips And How To Workout (Even On Days That You Don't Feel Like It)

Nico Bolzico: Health Tips And How To Workout (Even On Days That You Don't Feel Like It)
Photo: Rebel
By Isabel Martel Francisco
By Isabel Martel Francisco
April 26, 2021
Fitness, exercise, wellness and our overall well-being is of the utmost importance these days. Take advice from fitness buff and all-around foodie and entrepreneur, Nico Bolzico!

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Nico Bolzico is known today as a many of many talents. He a businessman and agriculture expert, vice president at Vienovo, co-founder of fitness app Rebel, the foodie behind Chingolo Deli and Bolzico Beef, is a social media sensation, and a loving husband and father too. His 1.6 million Instagram followers cannot get enough of his hilarious antics with his gorgeous celebrity wife Solenn Heussaff and always wonder how this power duo is able to stay so fit. On top of both their crazy busy schedules, Nico finds a way to be mindful of his actions, always scheduling a workout and a healthy meal into his day. 

Read on to learn about his tips and perspective on leading a healthy lifestyle: 

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Photo: Nico Bolzico
Photo: Nico Bolzico

How did you get into fitness and become passionate about staying fit? You mentioned that you grew up on a farm, did that influence your active lifestyle?

Growing up on a farm was very important for me because there’s a lot of manual stuff to be done. [I was] moving every day helping [my] dad do different stuff—from riding horses to using the shovel. I also grew up playing football (soccer) a lot, [around] four times a week. We had practice all the time and we played on the weekends too. Fitness was always part of my lifestyle in a way.

At what point in your life did you start to realise the value of health and fitness?

It was basically when I came to the Philippines, believe it or not! It was 10 years ago. I started hanging out with Erwan [Heussaff] a lot and he was already way advanced in that. I realised ‘wait, this guy is right’, your health starts in the kitchen and not just with working out. It was by then that I started looking a bit more into what I eat and working out more regularly. Before, I used to work out [only] when I would play sports. I didn’t have many opportunities [for that] here because I was so busy, so regular workouts became a thing for me; I actually started feeling much better. When you start feeling better about something that you’re doing then that’s when you feel more motivated.

Take us through your fitness journey: did you ever have any difficulties or challenges?

I didn’t have a very obvious workout journey because I was not aware that I was doing it for fitness. I was doing it because I loved it so much. The challenges that I face today are more ordinary like having to do workouts that I don’t enjoy [too] much but I know are important for me—such as going for a run, or doing videos from REBEL.

Do you prefer group classes, one on one sessions, or working out on your own?

I prefer working out on my own with a video because I like to control my pace. I like to do it at certain times and no need to coordinate with other people. But it’s also good when I work out with other people because you know, in a healthy way, you can compete with each other and you can also socialise; that’s also part of the fitness journey. With today’s situation, it’s a little bit more difficult but if you’re able to socialize via Zoom calls then that’s also very important.

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Photo: Nico Bolzico
Photo: Nico Bolzico

What advice for people who say they don't have large homes or large spaces for working out?

I would tell them that I work out on my balcony which is very small and narrow. It’s basically where Patato sleeps. So I think we all can find the space, in a room or something like that. Especially if you look at videos we have on REBEL, it’s very limited space needed and no equipment necessary.

How do you find time with your crazy schedule to work out?

It’s basically a matter of priorities. For me, working out is a priority because it’s about health and feeling well. So, it makes me a better husband, father, friend, co-worker. When I work out, I feel better about myself because [I have more] energy. I can do things better.

How do you stay motivated to exercise? It has been tough for many people in this pandemic to find the energy to exercise. What tips do you have?

It’s hard—for everyone. For me, it’s about a mindset. It's all about the feeling you will get after working out. So, if you don’t have the energy that day, you can do a lighter workout but do something. Slowly, it will fill you with energy and you will feel better; then you will get more motivated. Sometimes, during the workout, you don’t enjoy it that much, but the feeling after the workout and the results will pay off.

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Photo: Rebel
Photo: Rebel

What’s your fitness routine these days? What is your favourite workout and why?

I used to work out in the mornings but since Thylane was born, my mornings are now for her. What I do now is trying to schedule a 30-minute workout before every lunch. Today my favourite workout is not a workout, to be honest, it’s stretching. I discovered that stretching is so important—almost as important as working out—I enjoy it so so much.

Do you follow a diet?

I don’t follow a diet. I just try to eat as healthy as possible. I mean, I eat pretty much everything. I try to minimise sugar and fried food. I also try to keep it least as less processed as possible. If anything, I sometimes do intermittent fasting and don’t eat in the morning.

Both you and Solenn are very active. Do you like to bring your family/friends into your fitness journey? If yes, how?

Yes. We love to bring our family and friends to our fitness journey. It’s something that is easier to do when you’re with family and friends. You enjoy it even more. To see that you are in a way helping them and making them do something that is great for them is awesome.

What workouts do you and Solenn do together?

Solenn and I don’t do many workouts together because we don’t like the same workouts. Sometimes, we share some videos and back when we used to travel, we would run together. Otherwise, we both have different routines, and especially because of Thylane, we cannot be both working out. One of us has to be with her.

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