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Digest Wildflour Burgers: Newly Opened And Ready To Deliver This March 2021

Wildflour Burgers: Newly Opened And Ready To Deliver This March 2021

Wildflour Burgers: Newly Opened And Ready To Deliver This March 2021
By Isabel Martel Francisco
By Isabel Martel Francisco
March 25, 2021
Get excited everyone, Wildflour Burgers is here and it is launching today, 25 March 2021!

Your favourite neighbourhood cafe and bakery has created yet another killer concept and it’s all about burgers. 

The Wildflour group, already known for great burgers at Wildflour and Pink’s, is now laser-focused on a burger-forward cloud concept. This online-only brand is ready to deliver juicy burgers to your homes. 

“Wildflour Burger is a brand with a more extensive array of choices, toppings, combo meals, and sides, and will be delivery-first. It is available exclusively through our Wildflour App and GrabFood, and will be able to reach the entire Greater Manila area hot and fresh. Now more than ever, especially as stay-home orders are slowly returning, we want both first-time and loyal customers alike to have our burgers within the comfort and safety of their own homes, and we have spared no expense to ensure that the service and quality of the product is not compromised despite travelling over distances. You can go to town on your burger however you like, wherever you want,” says Ana De Ocampo, CEO of Wildflour Group.

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“Since the pandemic began we have launched several online-only brands like Wildflour Rotisserie, Wildflour Pizza, BLD Trays and Wildflour To-go. With the success of these brands that offer simpler menus, it was just a matter of time till we came up with Wildflour Burger, as its own brand,” Allen Buhay, executive chef, chimes in. While the other online-only menus by the group are available on their app and through delivery services, WF Burgers is their only stand-alone cloud concept and one that they are very proud of. 

Over the years, Ana tells me that they have earned a loyal following for the burgers they sell in Wildflour. So they thought, why not make a concept around it? “We have thought about what else will make sinking your teeth into a burger even more enjoyable. We feel that with the difficult times we’ve been facing the past year, this is the perfect time for people to drown their sorrows and ease their stresses with honest-to-goodness comfort food,” she comments.

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Wildflour has made sure that every single ingredient put into their burgers is of the finest quality. They assure me that patties are never frozen and are made of top quality meat using Canada beef, sandwiched between fluffy brioche buns which are baked fresh, daily. Beautiful produce is of the utmost importance as well. “Crisp lettuce, tomato, and onions direct from local organic farms, classic good American cheddar, all topped with a secret sauce that we painstakingly developed in-house, and served in excellent packaging that we believe is both clever and conducive for delivery,” Ana elaborates. 

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From the classic Wildflour California burger to new finds like the chilli cheeseburger, fried chicken sandwich, to the BBQ burger, and even a stellar line-up of milkshakes, you surely are spoilt for choice. 

The menu which features a variety of burgers also allows for an interactive experience. “Wildflour Burger menu will allow people to customise their own burgers with all these exciting add-ons like guacamole, bacon, fried egg and lots of different sauces. We want people to have the option to create their own burgers and, go Wild!” says chef Allen.


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