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Beauty Skincare Secrets: Mia Arcenas Branellec Shares Her Evening Skincare Routine

Skincare Secrets: Mia Arcenas Branellec Shares Her Evening Skincare Routine

Skincare Secrets: Mia Arcenas Branellec Shares Her Evening Skincare Routine
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
May 14, 2021
We reveal the evening beauty secrets and top-rated products from your favourite belles and beaus in our series Before Bed!

The perfect skincare regimen for your complexion exists, it just takes a good deal of research and practice. However, if you find yourself in a constant loop of hits and misses, make things a tad bit easier for yourself by learning from skincare enthusiasts and specialists. Gone are the days of only dreaming of a flawless face as now we feature various personalities who seem to know the key to achieving their best skin.

This time, the belle Tatler's Before Bed series is Mia Arcenas Branellec, designer of Mia Arcenas, Mama MIA and LAHI. Join Mia and discover her skincare secrets, hacks, nightmares and tips:

What's your skin type?
My skin type is normal—sometimes oily, sometimes dry—depending on the weather and the time of the month.

Who or what influenced your skincare routine?
My mom is my biggest influence when it comes to taking care of my skin. I used to watch her apply all of her creams and serums when I was a child, and she used to love giving me a spa day at home. She used to tell me, “you better take care of your skin or else one day I might look younger than you".

What is your evening skincare routine?

My evening skincare routine consists of wearing my comfy pyjamas (I love sleeping in all white coordinates), washing my face with La Mer cleansing foam or Cetaphil, cleansing with micellar water, applying Charlotte Tilbury's Night Serum or Magic Cream, [and] applying virgin coconut oil all over my body.

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What are your holy grail products?
I love La Mer’s Micellar Water cleanser, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and Mario Badescu Rosewater spray. I [saw how] these products really work [on] my skin. It’s refreshing, easy to apply and [you can] feel [and] see results right away. 

What is a skincare hack you think we should know?
My mom would always eat all her fruit in the morning. Any extras she would have on her plate (lemon, papaya, orange etc), she would rub on her skin. She would leave it on for a bit, and of course, it would look funny with all the bits of fruit on her face. I used to give her a "you’re so weird mom" kind of look, but now I find myself doing the exact same thing! [Here's a] skincare hack: you don’t need to splurge to have healthy, glowing skin. 


Do you use facemasks?
I don’t use packaged facemasks. I use fruit like papaya mashed in a bowl, apply it to my skin for a few mins then rinse. I also love the effect of honey with brown sugar; it’s moisturizing and [can be used to exfoliate] my face and body. 

How often do you practise skin fasting (a break from skincare)?
I have not intentionally done this, only when I forget or get too lazy!

Are there any skincare rules you’ve broken that have done wonders to your skin?
Natural moisturizers like fruit, honey, brown sugar [and others] really do wonders. I hope more people can try it. It’s also really fun to do! 

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