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Homes Top 5 Must-Watch Filipino Home Tours On YouTube: Skypod, SosBolz, And More

Top 5 Must-Watch Filipino Home Tours On YouTube: Skypod, SosBolz, And More

Top 5 Must-Watch Filipino Home Tours On YouTube: Skypod, SosBolz, And More
Photo: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
May 18, 2021
An indulgent home tour from our favourite friends—what more could we want? Get your daily dose of interior design and style inspiration from these expert homemakers!

The world of interior design is as exciting as you can imagine. Though some have made their fair share of mistakes, many others have perfected the art of creating a beautiful home for themselves. Check out some of our friends' amazing homes, found all over the Philippines, and take inspiration from their luxurious abodes!

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1/5 Kryz Uy & Slater Young


Young couple, Kryz Uy and Slater Young, take us through the doors of their 'Skypod' in Cebu. A modern mansion, this gorgeous home boasts plenty of natural light, integrated indoor/outdoor living, comfortable furniture, and an enviable pool to boot. Get to know the quirky stories behind some of their most distinctive statement furniture in this thirty-minute house tour we've all been drooling over! 

2/5 Solenn Heussaff & Nico Bolzico


Solenn Heussaff has posted an exciting updated house tour to showcase her and Nico Bolzico's cosy home. Though it's often featured on their social media posts, there's plenty more to see at the #SosBolz abode. For one, there are a plethora of nature-inspired elements that attest to Solenn's plantita side, as well as art pieces that complement the various pops of colour to be found in her dining room, TV room, and various nooks. 

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3/5 The Wilson House


As an entrepreneur and interior designer, Maggie Wilson has her fair share of clients—but perhaps none are more exciting than her very own mum. Maggie Wilson dedicates an episode of her Acasa Design Story for the renovation of her parents' new living space in Manila. Though it's not a home tour per se, we do get an inside look at Maggie's own creative process and needless to say, she gives us a treasure trove of tips to work with for our own spaces! 

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4/5 Camille Co


Vlogger Camille Co-Koro brings us around her Scandinavian inspired home in this living and dining room tour. There are colourful elements that blend well together with darker accents, pops of colour, and some gorgeous house plants. To get a peek into other rooms around her house, check out her channel!

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5/5 Derek Ramsay


Though Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres have recently separated, we can't help but look back on their gorgeous house tour from just a few months ago! Here, Derek introduces us to the modern abode he calls home. While the furniture in itself is awe-inspiring, perhaps the best part of the entire tour is getting to see Derek's collection of art pieces. Aside from Zaha Hadid couches, his home also boasts of a sculpture by Jinggoy Buensusesco, and a unique seven-ton rock ornament in the garden. 


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