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Digest Tatler's Ultimate Guide: Where To Order Lechon In Metro Manila

Tatler's Ultimate Guide: Where To Order Lechon In Metro Manila

Close up of a plate of Filipino deep fried pork belly served with sweet sauce
Photo: Sergio Amiti / Getty Images
By Jaclyn Clemente Koppe
May 10, 2021
With so many delicious ones to choose from, we give you a shortlist based on your various regional preferences, cooking styles, and ever-changing needs.

It has been said many times— it is not a Filipino celebration without lechon. The roasted pig is the centre of many milestones, and no pandemic is going to get in between us and this party classic. Here are our favourite lechons that we love for different reasons.

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1/9 Sabroso

This Bacolod-style lechon is favoured for its heady flavours of lemongrass and other spices, plus its juicy meat that is seasoned perfectly.

Tatler Tip: It is also available by the kilo for those sudden cravings.

2/9 Abub

A proud Cebuana import, Abub takes pride in her Cebu-style lechon prepared meticulously and following the strictest safety standards. The master roasters flew in from her hometown to cook the pigs over charcoals giving them their smokey and delicious aroma.

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3/9 Grace Park

A self-proclaimed budding lechonera, Chef Margarita Forés has introduced her organic Negros lechon to her Grace Park menu as a weekend ala carte option in 100 or 200-gram servings, and also as flavourful sinigang or sisig dishes throughout the week when availability allows. The whole pig is also available for pre-orders. She flies them in from Bacolod which has become tricky due to the current situation, so watch out for announcements on their social media when these tasty roasts are available in her Rockwell establishment.

4/9 Rico’s

Aside from bringing this iconic Cebuano brand to Manila, George Pua has made it even more accessible by selling them in frozen, ready-to-heat packs in most leading supermarkets and convenience stores. Rico’s frozen lechon only use prime cuts—pork belly and ribs—ensuring that customers always get the good stuff.

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5/9 Pepita’s Kitchen

Has anybody even dared to replicate or challenge the Lechon Diva? Her stuffed lechon de leche filled with anything she can dream up—from her best-selling truffle rice to thanh long noodles—is an undisputed party favourite.



6/9 Txoko

This Spanish asador concept does many things well, but their quarter cochinillo is truly aspirational. They use local pig which is already good, but they also have limited quantities of suckling pig from Spain that is purely milk-fed at three weeks, making that meat almost sweet and the skin extra thin and crisp.

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7/9 Ayer

where to buy lechon
Ayer Lechon

While many of the big Cebuano brands have already found second homes in Metro Manila, those who prefer to have their lechon imported from Cebu turn to Ayer. This emerging brand is making its mark in a pool of established names by simply allowing their juicy and flavourful lechon speak for itself.

8/9 Elar’s

For those who grew up in the capital, this Quezon City icon is the lechon of our childhood and the centerpiece of celebrations past. The level of quality has not faltered throughout the years, making Elar’s a nostalgic favourite.

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9/9 Ulcing’s

where to buy lechon
Ulcing's Lechon

Before Cebu lechon was even a buzzword in the capital, Ulcing’s was already the go-to lechon of those in the know. True to its roots, the meat is so flavourful it does not need liver sauce.


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