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Digest World Bee Day: Where To Buy Locally Sourced Honey In The Philippines

World Bee Day: Where To Buy Locally Sourced Honey In The Philippines

World Bee Day: Where To Buy Locally Sourced Honey In The Philippines
Photo: Alexander Mils on Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
May 20, 2021
From skincare to cookery, honey has proven itself a useful tool to us all. Find out where to get the most delicious and nutritious in the Philippines just in time for World Bee Day!

It's no secret that bees do so much for our world! Aside from pollinating flowers and making sure our ecosystem stays in balance, bees also make delicious honey. These hardworking critters are among the most important species in our world and to celebrate their day (World Bee Day!), we're listing down the top places you can buy locally sourced honey, made by friendly bees and passionate beekeepers. 

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BZZZ PH specialises in local honey like no other brand does. Dedicated to sourcing local, they offer delicious Northern honey from either the Mountain Province or Benguet. Their products are delightfully healthy and their exciting infusions mustn't be missed. Check out their chilli honey or their cinnamon honey if you're looking for a little kick to go with your tea (or pancakes!). 

To know more, check out their website

2/5 Grannies

Photo: website
Photo: website

Grannies sources their honey from two different provinces in the Philippines. Their Dark Golden Honey is sourced from Quezon, while their Yellow Golden Honey comes from Ligwan Bees in Palawan. Though both are delicious, we're particularly loving their Dark Golden Honey With Honeycomb, which as you might have guessed, bottles a healthy chunk of honeycomb into the bottle. Their Chilli Infused Honey offers an interesting taste profile that pairs well with pizza and chicken. 

To know more, check out this website

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3/5 Bee-Well

Available at Roots Collective, Bee-Well offers honey sourced from Quezon province. Each bottle is packed with nutritious wildflower honey that's both raw and pure, with sweet floral notes and hints of citrus. It also has anti-microbial properties and is said to be a healthier alternative to cane sugar! 

To know more, check out this website.

4/5 Tobee's Apiary

We love hearing about the different varieties of honey that's available on the market. After all, honey doesn't just come from one flower or plant, but from multiple varieties; and each of these boast a unique flavour profile that can be fun (and delicious) to explore. Tobee's Apiary, available on Ritual PH, is sourced from La Union and can be bought according to which flower or plant you're most interested in. They have Sunflower Honey, Mango Honey, Molave Honey, and Acacia Honey, all of which sounds like an absolute delight at tea-time. 

To know more, visit this website

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5/5 Connie's Kitchen

Their specialty gourmet tuyo isn't the only thing that we love from Connie's Kitchen. This New Manila institution also offers pantry staples such as pure raw honey, sourced from "honey hunters" in Quezon province. These honey hunters look for fresh sources in the forest to ensure the best quality for everyone's teatime staples. 

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